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Team Robo-Bartender

Team Members


Since the dawn of time, humans have strove to make the quotidian drudgeries of life easier and faster to accomplish, so that we can enjoy the finer things in life. In the machine age of the 21st Century, we feel that it is high time that drink-making become an automated process. Far from being trivial, household robots such as the Robo-Bartender will revolutionize how we live our lives, and presents a fun and tangible face for advanced robotics. After a long day of classes what better way to blow off some stress than to have your own personal Robo-Bartender mix you a tasty drink. You can command the Robo-Bartender based on what you would like to drink, or how hard your day was. And of course Robo-Bartender is always open to tips.

Description of Project

Robo-Bartender will help the user combine mix components and thoroughly blend them together. Users will be able to select what type of drink they would like, as well as how "strong" their drink will be. One initial idea was to be able to specify in discrete amounts the strength or particular proportion of drink based on qualitative measures such as "Rough Day," "Thursday Night," "New Years Party," "Sunday Morning," or "Coyote Ugly."


A lot of our time was spent trying to design an effective "hand" apparatus that would hold the drink securely while it is being poured. Also, we experienced an acute lack of resources, as our ability to break down and and rebuild the arm was hindered by the mysterious disappearance of all of the screwdrivers in the Hicks computer lab.


Our Goal is to use the metal parts and small servo motors provided to us as well as Matlab to make a functional robotic arm. With commands from the Matlab platform, this system should work as one unit in order to pick up a glass mix it with another glass and stir the liquids. Our aim is to make an effective interface for the user.


After Thanksgiving we plan on meeting to build the arm. We have some basic code to work with, but need to add more and manipulate it.

Thursday November 12 -- Project ideas due in lab

Thursday November 12 -- Project idea and team members must be on wiki

Tuesday November 17 -- Project proposal must be up on wiki

Friday November 20 -- Finish preliminary research on transmitters/receivers

Sunday December 6 -- Practice oral project presentation for Professor Cheever

Tuesday December 8 -- Oral project presentation for class

Thursday December 10 -- Project report on wiki


  • Servo Motors
  • Servo Mother Board
  • Aluminum Tubes
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Various Metal Parts
  • Cups
  • Assorted Beverages

Some Sources of Inspiration