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Team Members

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Vishaal Chhabria [1] Visit Vishaal!

Michelle Call See Michelle's page

Alice Wong [2] Check out Alice's Page!

Eileen Gao [3] Welcome to Eileen's page!

Steven Hwang [4] Steve's page

Ball Drop Wiki

Brainstorming/Original Design

Initially, we were planning to make a kite with a propellor that was supposed to be spun by a rubber band. We believed that a kite was the best idea to transport the ball as far as possible because the kite would allow the ball to stay in the air for a longer period of time than if it were just to be dropped. With a initial forward velocity, the ball was expected to go further. After careful consideration, we concluded that the idea of a kite required much stability (much of which we could not provide due to the lack of materials). Therefore, we came up with the catapolt design. We planned to have the counterwieght, as it was dropped, ricochete against the side of the building and fling the ball out of its container.


Testing required our team to figure out how far out from the edge of the wall to drop the counterweight. Another aspect we took into account of our testing was the flexing of the noodle, which hopefully added to power of the fling. To test, we used a table and repeated to drop the counterweight at different distances. Then, we marked the optimal spot that our desgin, when dropped, should hit the jut on the side of the wall.

Final Design

During the testing of our design, we found that we needed to make a few adjustments. First, we had used a single wooden rod to hold the container holding the ball, but often the container was subjected to torsion and the ball would roll off the side before it was airborne. In response, we cut the original rod into two shorter rods placing them parallel to each other and put the container at the end of them. The addition of supporting rod was also necessarily attached between the two rods so that further torsion could be prevented. The size of the container space was adjusted by packing in some plastic grocery bag so that the movement of the ball would be minimized.

Final Results

final distance: 10 feet

Project thorouhgly drenched and entangled in plant matter.


We apologize for the monstrous picture. The scanner wasn't working
Original kIte design

Our wonderful Group

Alice working on the catapult
Michelle working on something
baby design
final design