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This page was created by Eric "Fudgems" Rodriguez for Erik Cheever's Engineering 005 Class. Eric hails from Summit, New Jersey, and has been known to have dozens of nicknames over the course of his lifetime. These nicknames were most concentrated in his High School Career at Summit, the most popular being "Fudgems." If ever one is to have the common and intense impulse to email such an interesting and famous student at Swarthmore they would simply choose from two of his emails. His first email is set up on Eric checks this email little, but uses it abundantly for fantasy football. It is likely Eric will not answer this email address for days, but to mail him simply use the following: Email to Eric Rodriguez. Eric's second email was newly granted to him by Swarthmore College. As an incoming freshman Eric checks and answers this email religiously and hopes to keep this habit up for his entire Swarthmore Career. If you really want to get a quick and direct response from Eric simply use the following Email to Eric Rodriguez. One of Eric's favorite websites also happens to be here. To view Eric's engineering team page click the following: ball drop for Team Omni

Early Nickname History

From the day of his birth, nick names have seemed to cling to Eric, as soon as a new name is tacked onto his already long list of other nick names it seems to instantly stick. Eric has never been bothered by such names, in fact in some ways he embraces them and enjoys the names with which he is called by. The source of each and every nick name has its own story which is all explained below.


Eric's father, Armando Rodriguez, came to America when he was in his late teens. He began a family with Marisol Caldas, and the two soon gave birth to their first and only child, Eric, who naturally adopted his fathers surname, Rodriguez. No sooner than 7th grade, Eric adopted the nick name "E-Rod." "E-Rod" tended to stick throughout middle school and into the late years of High School. It stuck so early in his childhood because of his given surname, and for other obvious reasons. No one really wanted to say, "Hey, there's that insanely cool kid Eric Rodriguez!" Pretty much everyone just preferred, "Yo E-rod!" Especially for the shorter amount of syllables.

Email E-Rod

Use this link to email Eric: Email to Eric Rodriguez

E-Rod's Team Ball Drop Page

To view my Team Ball Drop Page, which explains the design process and concepts that eventually led us to our final bridge design click the following : Team Ball Drop Page

E-Rod's Team Bridge Page

To view my Team Bridge page, which explains the design process and concepts that eventually led us to our final bridge design click the following : Team Bridge Page Also Check out my team mates page: Charles

E-Rod's Mechanism

To view the Mechanism homepage as well as my Team's Mechanism click the following : Mechanisms Homepage

E-Rod's Final Project Page

To view Eric's final project page "Robo-Bartender" click the following : Robo-Bartender Team Page

This is my Solid Works Project FaceSolidWorksERODRIG2.jpg

This is my Team Bridge Project

Final Bridge.JPG