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Seth Foster, itinerant encyclopedia salesman.

About Seth

Seth was born in Natick, Massachusetts. He went to Natick High School. He is currently a member of the Swarthmore Earthworms, Swarthmore's Ultimate Frisbee club team.

ENGR 005

ENGR 005 Project 1: Ball Drop

Seth's team for the Ball Drop project in ENGR 005 was Team PB.

ENGR 005 Lab 2: Solidworks Part Design

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A smiling face to be created on a CNC mill.

The part that Seth designed for the second lab of ENGR 005 is shown here. It has influences from classical childrens' art (the smiling face is of course an iconic design) but shows more adult themes (no child would design a face to be milled from foam).

ENGR 005 Lab 3: Solidworks Testing

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Seth's final bridge cross-section. Score: 2.464 X 10^-5

Seth's design process for this bridge cross-section was simple: knowing nothing about actual bridge design, he picked triangles for aesthetic reasons as well as hearsay advice that they are the strongest geometric shape. His design process consisted of three revisions, though the third constituted a step back, all consisting of varying the dimensions of the internal triangles of the cross-section.

Seth was part of Team C2 for Lab 3, specifically the alpha squad.

ENGR 005: Lab 4

Seth's mechanism for the fourth lab of ENGR 005 was the Hypocycloid.

Contact Information

Email Seth Foster

Call or text him at 1.508.561.0283

His current address is Parrish 337.

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