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Welcome to the personal page of Eileen Gao. Eileen is a freshman of Swarthmore College. She loves Swarthmore, obviously. In facet she loves it so much that she just bought an extravagant hand bag from the college bookstore this afternoon which cost her 30 bucks just because the bag has a beautiful picture of Parrish (the college's main building) on it.


Eileen is very interested in music. She plays oboe in the college orchestra and bamboo flute which is a traditional Chinese musical instrument). She also enjoys physics and is thinking of being an Engineering major.

Contact Eileen

Dorm: Mertz 338 Email to Eileen Link to Eileen's blog


Andi Merritt who she absolutely adores.

Eileen's E5 Team

Ball Drop for Team Ethel


Eileen and her friends at graduation


SolidWorks Project

First SolidWorks Project

The Flower 1
The Flower 2