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Welcome to SwatASME!

Welcome to the SwatASME Wiki, the online home of Swarthmore's ASME Chapter. This site will eventually be a collaborative space for working on ASME projects, organizing events and coordinating the chapter.

ASME meets every Wednesday at 9 PM in the Hicks Lounge. We welcome visitors (and occasionally have pizza...) - come by and hang out!


Don't be mean. Or Julian will cry. And we don't want that.

Also, don't be mischievous, especially in a destructive manner. Don't edit stuff that isn't yours to edit, don't be mean, etc. If the admins have FUBAR'd something, and you wind up with permissions you're not supposed to have, please be responsible and let them know.


  • We've all agreed to accept certain responsibilities for the Plasma Cutter proposal. Please see the Plasma Cutter page for more information, and meet with your groups soon so you can put together your section before next week.
  • Our first proposal has been turned in! High-five ASME! We're going to talk to Professor Macken about it, and then the faculty will meet regarding it and give us a verdict.
  • May 7th - put it in your calendars. We're hoping to host a trip to go see this cinematic magnum opus - if you can drive, or know someone who can, please let us know!
  • In all of your copious free time, set up a page! If you're not familiar with wiki editing, Cheever has a bangin' page on wiki editing from E5 that you can find here, and there is a wiki editing cheat sheet here.


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