How do I upload multiple files at once?

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The Document Package tool lets you upload folders containing numerous files (.docs, .pdfs, etc.) to a Blackboard content area in a few short steps. The folder structure is recreated in Blackboard, with a link to open or download each file.


Step 1. Create a new folder on your computer, and organize copies of the files inside that you wish to load together into Blackboard. The total size of your folder must be less than 50MB.

NOTE: The filename will be used as the item label and link name in Blackboard, so you may wish to name each file to identify it as clearly as possible (author name, topic, etc.) The default order of files in Blackboard will be alphabetical by file name, but files can be reordered. TIPS: Keep your filenames to 30 characters or less! Spaces are OK. If need be, you can modify the folder, item and link labels later in Blackboard.

Step 2. Zip the entire folder to create an archive (.zip) file on your computer.


  • right click the folder and choose ‘WinZip, Add to’ This will create archive with the name of the folder plus the .zip extension in the same location as the folder itself (eg., your desktop.)

Mac OSX (10.3 or later):

  • control click the folder and choose ‘ Compress/Create Archive of “folder”’ to use OSX's built in Zip utility. This will create a .zip archive with the name of the folder plus the .zip extension in the same location as the folder itself (eg., your desktop.) Note: after uploading the resulting .zip file to Blackboard, hidden folders or files may become visible. These .DS_Store and __MACOSX links can be manually removed (see below.)

Step 3. Upload the new .zip archive to Blackboard.

In control panel or edit view, navigate into the content area where you want to load the batch of files. On the far right of the content area control page, choose ‘Document Package’ in the SELECT pull down menu, and click GO.

A menu of options will appear. Select a link color, tracking and date restrictions, if desired. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and browse on your computer to select the .zip package of your documents that you created in step 2. After selecting the package, click Submit to upload the package to Blackboard.

Doc package menu.jpg

If things went well, you’ll receive a receipt of success. The folder structure in your .zip file will be recreated in the content area on Blackboard, and every file in the original folder will be created with the filename as a clickable hyperlink that will open or download the attached file.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR OSX USERS: On the Macintosh, folders may contain hidden files or resource fork information that does not display on the Mac, but may show up if the folder is transferred to Windows or a web interface such as Blackboard.

One example is .DS_Store files, which hold view settings used by the operating system to control the folders that contain them. Although unseen on the Mac, the .DS_Store will be zipped into the archive formed by OSX’s native zip utility, and will therefore be uploaded and appear as a visible link in your Blackboard folder(s). Another similar example is the __MACOSX folder.

After the batch upload, enter the new content areas in the Blackboard control panel and delete the .DS_Store file and __MACOSX folder links. Click the ‘remove’ button to the right of each unwanted item.

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