Student say they can't open my readings. What's the problem?

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In order to open and display properly, files need PC-style file-type extensions (e.g., ".doc" for Word documents) in your file names. Sometimes these extensions can get trucated accidentally when files are copied from one machine to another. Furthermore, the Mac OS file system does not automatically add an extension to files when they are saved which causes some problems when uploading these files to the web or to computers with other operating systems. Students will not be able to download files correctly because their computer or their browser will be unable to determine the file type. Some examples of commonly used file-type extensions:

.pdf (Portable Document Format), e.g, "file.pdf"
.doc (Microsoft Word), e.g., "file.doc"
.xls (Microsoft Excel), e.g., "file.xls"
.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint), e.g., "file.ppt"
.jpg (JPEG image format), e.g., "file.jpg"
.gif (GIF image format), e.g., "file.gif"
.mov (QuickTime movie), e.g. ""

Please be sure to include these extensions in the names of any new files you upload. Often a file that appears garbled can be "healed" simply by adding the correct extension for the file type.

Also, please make sure that the file has a legal filename. The doc How can I avoid access errors for files I upload to Blackboard? may provide some additional help.

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