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Wondering if we should keep this:

More Details

Process at Haverford

  1. Before drop-add ends, students from either the registration or the preregistration database are sent to BlackBoard. This includes students at Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore.
  2. After drop-add ends, only students in the registration database are enrolled in BlackBoard. Those who preregistered, but never official enrolled are dropped from the Blackboard class list.
  3. Changes sent from the Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore systems may be delayed another week or two beyond those sent over from the Haverford systems.
  4. Enrollments in Writing Program courses happen outside of the usual automated process. Use manual enrollments and guest access until after drop/add.
  5. If you have enrollment changes for the quarter course starting after mid-semester break, contact your liaison.
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