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A Blackboard course or organization can be exported into a .zip file which can be downloaded to the instructor's computer. The export file can be used as a vehicle to transfer content to another course, and as an archive of all files associated with the course. This export file created by Blackboard (named something like contains copies of all the documents and files in the course which can be opened and used in their corresponding applications (Acrobat, Word, etc.)

NB: The exported .zip file is not a "stand alone" site in the sense that it can be viewed in a browser as a functioning Blackboard course --- for that, the export file would have to be loaded back up onto our (or another school's) Blackboard server. However, you can download a free program called Bfree that will allow you to view your zip file and export your course materials to other formats (such as a stand alone web page). See the Bfree site for documentation.

To form a Course Export, go to

  • Control Panel > Export course
  • Click the Export button (little icon of a computer with an arrow)
  • Select the area(s) to export
  • Press Submit

After you've submitted your export request, it will be queued on the system and you will receive an email when the process is complete. As soon as you get that email, return to the Control panel for the course you're explorting out of.

  • Control Panel > Export Course
    (now you should see a .zip file listed)
  • Download the .zip archive by control-clicking or right-clicking on the link.
  • At this point, you can either keep the archive on your computer for future use or follow the directions below to upload it into a course.

Next, go to the new course where you want to import the materials

  • Control Panel > Import package
  • Click Browse to choose the .zip file
  • Choose the areas to import and press Submit.
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