What is a Blackboard Organization?

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An Organization is similar to a Blackboard course, but designed for use by non-academic community groups such as committees, work groups, clubs, and teams. Access to Organization sites is based on membership, in the same way Blackboard courses are enrollment-based. Organizations you belong to are listed on your Community Tab. The Community tab is available to all Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore Blackboard users.

Organizations provide a collection of web-based tools, making it easy for group members to participate in on-line activities:

  • Document sharing (papers, agendas, minutes, reports, etc.)
  • Image, movie and audio file sharing
  • Planning and administration (announcements, calendar)
  • Communication (mailing lists, discussion boards, real-time chat and white board)
  • Groups (communications and document sharing between members)
  • On-line Surveys
  • Links to other on-line resources (web pages, databases)

A Blackboard Organization is managed by one or more leaders who can build the content of the site, and enable communications tools for the participants. Additional participants may be assigned support roles such as assistant or builder which have limited administrative privileges.

Who may participate in a Blackboard Organization?

Any user on the Tri-College Blackboard system (all regular Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore students, faculty or staff) may be added the an Organization’s participants list at the discretion of the Organization's leader(s). Certain areas of the Organization can also be opened to guest access if desired, but individuals outside the Tri-college community cannot participate is discussion boards and other communications aspects of Organizations.

How can you join an existing Blackboard Organization?

Management of membership in a Blackboard Organization is in the hands of its leaders, and may be handled differently in different cases. If you see an Organization in the catalog that you are interested in joining, please contact its leaders directly. Many organizations post contact information in guest-accessible areas of their Blackboard site.

How to request a new Blackboard Organization

To request an Organization for your group on Blackboard, send an email to your institution's Help Desk indicating:

  • your name and contact information
  • the name you wish for the Organization
  • at least one person to be the Organization’s leader.

These are the Help Desk email addresses:

  • help@brynmawr.edu
  • help@swarthmore.edu
  • helpdesk@haverford.edu

You will be contacted by a Blackboard systems administrator on your campus with further details.

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