How do I create an area for file exchange between students?

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Create an Area for File Exchange Between Students

There are a couple of ways to let students exchange documents and other files.

Create a Discussion Group

The easiest method is to create a Discussion Group and allow students to attach files. See Blackboard's Discussion Board documentation.

Create a Student Group with a Group Digital DropBox

Alternately, you can set up a student group which allows for file exchange using the Digital DropBox. Enroll some or all students into one or more groups, and then add a group option to your Navigation Menu. Once you have done this, the students can go into the group menu option, and either add files to the depository, or look at files already posted by others.

This is not as intuitive as using the Discussion Group for either you or your students, but you may prefer the way it stores and organized the files.

Set up One or More Groups

  1. In the Control Panel, select Manage Groups
  2. Give the group an appropriate name and description.
  3. In the Group options, check Group File Exchange Available.
  4. Submit
  5. You should get a message that the attempt was successful. Click OK.
  6. You now see a list of all groups you created. Modify the desired group.
  7. Add users by listing all in your class and checking next to the names of those you want in the file exchange group.
  8. Submit

Add a Group Option to the Navigation Menu

  1. In the Control Panel, select Manage Course Menu
  2. Add a Tool Link.
  3. Under Type select Groups, select one of the default names, and create your own menu name.
  4. Make sure the option is Available for Student/Participant Users.
  5. Submit

Your group file exchange area is now set up. Instruct students to use it as they use the Digital Drop Box.

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