Not all of my students are in my course. What do I do?

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For regular academic courses, students are enrolled in Blackboard automatically based on information in your school's registration database. However, sometimes there is a delay or other issue causing a discrepancy. Below is information to help you understand how the process works, and what to do if some enrollments are not correct.

Automatic Enrollments from the Registrar

The details of the process vary depending upon the school, but Blackboard is updated three times daily, so your Blackboard roster should look similar to the current listing from your Registrar. If you need to add additional people to your site, use the Enroll User tool (see below.)

During spring and fall breaks, the automated process stops running for the current semester and starts for the next semester. After mid-semester break, any enrollment changes needed for the current semester must be made by a Blackboard system administrator.

Note: If you have questions or concerns about your Blackboard roster, contact the appropriate member of your Support Team. He or she can check to see if the data is being sent correctly and work with you to address any possible problems.

Manual Enrollments (aka Enroll User)

In the event you need to give a student or other tri-College community member immediate access to your site, you may manually enroll them using the Enroll User tool in the User Management section on the right side of your control panel. To add a user:

  1. Search by last name(s) or username(s)
  2. Check the box to the left of the name(s) you wish to select
  3. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen to enroll the selected user(s) in your Blackboard site

Manually enrolled students are no longer affected by the usual automated enrollment process. If the manually enrolled students drop the class, you will need to remove them through the Manually Remove User tool.

More Details

Process at Haverford

  1. Before drop-add ends, students from either the registration or the preregistration database are sent to BlackBoard. This includes students at Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore.
  2. After drop-add ends, only students in the registration database are enrolled in BlackBoard. Those who preregistered, but never official enrolled are dropped from the Blackboard class list.
  3. Changes sent from the Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore systems may be delayed another day or two beyond those sent over from the Haverford systems.
  4. Enrollments in Writing Program courses happen outside of the usual automated process. Use manual enrollments and guest access until after drop/add.
  5. If you have enrollment changes for the quarter course starting after mid-semester break, email
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