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Current best score: 1.903473E-6
Current best score: 1.903473E-6
===[[Project 2, Team A3 | Team A3]]===
===[[Project 2, Team A3 | Team A3:]]===
*[[User:jmarti1 | Martin, Jonathan (α squad)]]
*[[User:jmarti1 | Martin, Jonathan (α squad)]]
*[[User:jnicolu1 | Nicoludis, Jack (α squad)]]
*[[User:jnicolu1 | Nicoludis, Jack (α squad)]]

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To trace the evolution of the bridge designs, and to compare yours against others, I would like you to add entries to the following table. The number is the maximum deflection of your bridge section design.

The bridge design will proceed in three phases:

  1. You will all start with the same design that has a score of approximately 8e-6.
  2. You will discuss (in "squads" of 2 or 3) how you think the design could be changed to get a better score, and then do at least one design together.
  3. After the initial iteration (previous step) you will get together in groups of 4 or 5 to come up with new ideas and develop an improved design by trial and error. I would like you to enter your current best score on the wiki ( Scores).

Directions for the lab are on the E5 web page, Lab 3


Note: team name is a link to the teams wiki page.

Team A1:

  • Alade, Yewande (α squad)
  • Balch, Halleh (α squad)
  • Bertaut, Katherine (Ω squad)
  • Bhandari, Shiv (Ω squad)

Current best score: xx

Team A2:

  • Chen, Taylor (α squad)
  • Dyer, Pierre (α squad)
  • Goff, Tad (Ω squad)
  • Heavenrich, Toby (Ω squad)

Current best score: 1.903473E-6

Team A3:

Current best score: 1.42911E-6

Team A4

  • Burger, Eric (α squad)
  • Hunter, Frances (α squad)
  • Zhao, Alan (Ω squad)
  • Spector, Marley (Ω squad)

Current best score: 1.98 x 10^-6

Team B1:

  • Blekicki, Anthony (α squad)
  • Bowers, Matthew (α squad)
  • Cabrera, Daniel (α squad)
  • Chien, Franklin (Ω squad)
  • D'Annunzio, David (Ω squad)

Current best score: 1.9747 * 10 ^ -6

Team B2:

  • Dinh, John (α squad)
  • Edwards, Wesley (α squad)
  • Nolan, Jared (Ω squad)
  • Parasrampuria, Sonal (Ω squad)

Current best score: 1.447 x 10^-6

Team B3:

  • Saltzman, David (α squad)
  • Silverblatt-Buser, Elan (α squad)
  • Weiner, Zachary (Ω squad)
  • Williams, Xavier (Ω squad)

Current best score: 2.104718 × 10-6

Team C1:

  • Bielenberg, Ames (α squad)
  • Chasins, Sarah (α squad)
  • Erturk, Ozan (Ω squad)
  • Eyerer, Fritz (Ω squad)

Current best score: 1.056748*10^-6

Team C2:

Current best score: 1.963e-6

Team C3:

  • Pollen, Travis (α squad)
  • Rutherford, Shari (α squad)
  • Stromme, Andrew (Ω squad)
  • Weinhold, Darren (Ω squad)

Current best score: xx