Disco Board Project

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Project Members

Julian Leland

Taylor Chen

Project Motivation

To bring back the funk.

Project Overview

The intent of the Disco Board Project is to construct a device that will synchronize the flashing of lights with peaks in certain frequency ranges in a waveform; namely, components of the beat in songs. This will be accomplished using a real-time processing component of MATLAB coupled to a series of relay switches. The MATLAB component (specifically, the audio processing toolkit in SimuLink) will read input from a computer port (most likely a microphone in or line in). It will apply a series of bandpass filters to the input data; the frequency ranges that are "passed" will be chosen such that they encapsulate the relevant parts of the input. In the case of a song, these would be frequency ranges corresponding to the kick drum, snare drum and hi-hat. The output of the bandpass filters will then be evaluated as an absolute value (giving the magnitude of the signal) and then smoothed with a low-pass filter. An IF statement will then determine if the magnitude of the signal has exceeded a prescribed value; when it does, the program will send a signal to a relay and a light will flash. If all components work as described above, the user should be able to notice a clear correlation between the beats of their song and the flash-pattern of the lights, and will have some pretty bitchin' lighting for their next party.

(Put block diagram here, as well as (eventually) scanned copies of notes)

Required Materials

4 - 120v AC Relays - available from Ed Jaoudi

4 - Female 120v AC sockets, grounded, surface-mountable

4 - 470Ω resistors

4 - 2v LEDs

1 - Terminal block, 16- to 22-ga. wire

1 - Male 120v AC extension cord, grounded

Contingent on method of interface between computer and relays:

- Method of interface - must be able to accept data from USB or serial, send 3.7 to 32v DC

- Appropriate wiring to connect interface to relays

Expected Timeline

Week of 11/17: Preliminary Planning

Week of 11/24: Have basic skeleton of program completed

  • Audio input set up
  • Bandpass & lowpass filters understood & configured
  • Preliminary testing - non-real time, use signal generator if necessary

Week of 12/1: Convert to Real-time Processing, Construct Relay Board

  • Figure out method of running Relay Board

Weekend of 12/6: Test & debug until day of presentation