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ENGR 005, 2008 - Final Project


The final project for ENGR 005 is self-defined. The guidelines are as follows:

  • The project may be a group or individual project
  • You may do a project or research report (I prefer project)
  • Groups can be up to 4 people – not necessarily from your lab section
  • Project can be anything you think you can do in 2-3 weeks (6-10 hours).
  • If you need extra supplies (up to about $40) let me know by Monday (11/17) so we can order.
  • Research project is OK, but some of your references have to be print-based (i.e., not just URL’s)


Some project ideas

Project proposal

  • Oral proposal during lab Thursday, November 20th
    • by the morning of Wednesday, November 19th, let me know in which lab period (A 11:20; B 1:15; C 2:40) you prefer to give your presentation. If possible, also give me an alternate (in case everybody chooses period A).
  • I would like you to give me a paper with name of project, and name of group member(s) on 11/20.
  • Presentation is 3-5 minutes by anybody in group (I realize that all group members may not be able to attend due to class conflicts).
    • Include:
    • Motivation for project
    • Description of project, including block diagram with major components (software and/or hardware)
    • Time line
    • Any equipment required
    • Members of group

Project report

  • Projects will be on Wiki, started by 11/24
  • Project Wiki completed by 12/10
  • Oral Project Presentation on 12/9 during lab period (5-10 minutes). If it is a group project, presentation must be by somebody other than the person who did the proposal presentation.

Oral Project Presentation Practice


  • The oral project proposal should be from 5-8 minutes in length.
  • I recommend powerpoint (or something similar) on flash drive.
  • A practice presentation will be given on Thursday 12/4 in Hicks 213 (schedule is below).
    • After the practice you will get some immediate feedback that you should use to improve your final presentation.
    • The schedule is very tight - if we start to run over schedule, you may not be able to finish your practice presentation.
  • The final project presentation will be given on Tuesday 12/9 in Hicks 213 (same schedule).
  • Include:
    • Description of the proposed project
    • Theory (if any)
    • Procedure (including difficulties)
    • Results/demo as appropriate (I realize this may not be complete by 12/4)


Lab A

11:20 Alade / Nicoludis (also - need to start wiki)

11:32 Balch / Scheuing (also - need to start wiki)

11:52 Bertaut / Bielenberg

12:04 Bhandari, Nolan, Pytlar, Zhao

12:16 Dyer / Heavenrigh (also - need to start wiki)

12:28 Goff (also - need to start wiki)

Lab B







Lab C








Disco Board Project

Hicks Engine Project

Hogwarts Interactive

Robotic Arm Duex

MatLab Tic-Tac-Toe

Roller Coaster Project

Robotic Arm 2.0

Tomato Slicer


Individual Projects