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[[Image:EngineArms.jpg‎]]  [[Image:EngineArms2.jpg‎]]
[[Image:EngineArms.jpg‎]]  [[Image:EngineArms2.jpg‎]]

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Hicks Engine in SolidWorks - Final Project

Group Members

Sonal Parasrampuria

Sarah Chasins


Our project was to create a SolidWorks model of the engine in the Hicks lobby.


The process started with basic drawings of each of the individual parts we had to create. Once we had an idea of every component and how it would have to interact with any others, we set about taking massive amounts of measurements. We had to get every dimension and also try to label them clearly on our rough sketches. When we had most of the numbers we were going to need, we took some photos and were ready to move on to the computer.

We created simplified versions of the components one by one until we had saved versions of all of them. The next step brought them together in an assembly. This was the most difficult aspect – fitting them all together, connecting the virtual parts so that they would behave as the real ones do, working out what relationships we had to specify to connect them as they are connected in reality. However, with this completed we had a fairly complete model of the engine.


The problem that most affected our efforts was the difficulty in making parts line up precisely. Inexact measurements and slight variations in shape caused our model to react differently from the real one, and sometimes led to components’ not fitting together properly in the first place. This meant very careful adjustment and reworking, but it was effective in the end.

The Model


EngineCylinder.jpg EngineCylinder3.jpg

EngineArms.jpg EngineArms2.jpg