Hogwarts Interactive

From ENGR005 2008
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Group Members

Genevieve Pezzola

Zach Weiner


We will use Solidworks to make the physical world of Hogwarts, the wizard school created by the Harry Potter series (see pictures below). We are including the lake, the castle, the Forbidden Forest, the Whomping Willow, and the quidditch field in the model. We will then use Matlab to fly through our world.


We like using Solidworks and want to try modeling a world. We also want to explore Matlab. Finally, we like the Harry Potter series and liked the idea of incorporating it in our project.


  • Before break we will try to figure out how to make virtual worlds and fly through them with Matlab.
  • Then we will build our Solidworks model.
  • Once the model is finished we will use Matlab to make the world interactive.


Just SolidWorks and Matlab.


forbidden forest tree Tree.jpg

whomping willow Willow.jpg

quidditch field Quidditchfield.jpg