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ENGR 005 Wiki, Fall 2008.

Welcome to the Engineering 5 Wiki.

The ENGR 005 class will be using this to post information about their projects, and use it as a collaborative tool.
E5 web page
Professor Cheever's web page.

Some guidelines for use

  • Only edit pages you are supposed to edit. These include:
    • your personal wiki page,
    • pages associated with projects your team is working on.
  • Before you make major edits to a team page, make sure you consult with other team members.
  • Please don't put up anything that might be considered offensive (and remember that people with a different background than yours might consider things offensive that you do not).
  • If you add any images (or any other content), that you didn't create, make sure you include a reference to the original source.

People associated with E5

E5 People