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(Team C3:)
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===Team C3:===
===Team C3:===
*Team members: Erturk, Ozan | Leland, Julian | [[User:tpollen1|Pollen, Travis]] | Weinhold, Darren
*Team members: Erturk, Ozan | [[User:jlelan1|Leland, Julian]] | [[User:tpollen1|Pollen, Travis]] | Weinhold, Darren
*Mechanism title: Two-Slider
*Mechanism title: Two-Slider
*Link to animation: Coming soon...
*Link to animation: [[C3Assembly.avi|The Two-Slider in Action]]
*Link to SolidWorks files: And again...
*Link to SolidWorks files: [[file:TwoSlider.zip|Two-Slider Files]]

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Directions for the lab are on the E5 web page, Lab 4


Team A1:

Team A2:

Team A3:

Team A4:

  • Team members: Bhandari, Shiv | Goff, Tad | Nicoludis, Jack | Zhao, Alan
  • Mechanism title: A4 Oil Derrick
  • Link to animation: Derrick in Action
  • Link to SolidWorks files: SolidWorks Files

Team B1:

  • Team members: Blekicki, Anthony | Chien, Franklin | Edwards, Wesley | Saltzman, David | Williams, Xavier
  • Mechanism title: Crankfest
  • Link to animation: (complete)
  • Link to SolidWorks files: (complete)

Team B2:

Team B3:

Team C1:

Team C2:

Team C3: