Omni Directional Wheels

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This is the page for Tad Goff's E5 final project, Omni-Directional Wheels


Build a device that moves omni-directionally using holonomic or 'omni' wheels. There will be four wheels arranged around the chassis such that there are two opposing sets. The device will be controlled by an analog thumbstick salvaged from a Playstation 2 controller, and will be programmed in MatLab.

Description of Project

The final product is a “robot” that moves omni-directionally.I used holonomic wheels and continuous rotation servo motors for locomotion, and a Playstation 2 thumbstick for control.


My design consists of two sets of wheels perpendicular to each other driven by servo motors. For control I took a Playstation 2 controler apart and used the thumbstick in stead of the two potentiometers in the "pot boxes" we used to control the arm. The script is very simple. It scales the potentiometer values from the thumbstick to add to the pulse widths for the motors