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==Synopsis of bridge scores==
==Synopsis of bridge scores==
*α squad score:
*α squad score:
*Ω squad score:
*&Omega; squad score: = 2.082528 * 10 <sup>-6</sup>
*Current best team score: 2.0567 * 10 <sup>-6</sup>
*Current best team score: 2.0567 * 10 <sup>-6</sup>

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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score:
  • Ω squad score: = 2.082528 * 10 -6
  • Current best team score: 2.0567 * 10 -6

Team members

Yewande Alade (α squad)

Helleh Balch (α squad)

Katherine Bertaut (Ω squad)

Shiv Bhandari (Ω squad)


The main goal of this bridge design project was to create the lightest structure possible that could support the most weight, using the displacement analysis of COSMOSXpress.

We looked at using triangles because they distribute weight fairly evenly and are very rigid. Both the α squad and Ω squad had independently developed bridges using triangles, so the only reconciling we had to do between the two designs was the size and orientation of the holes. As the α squad had some weak points in their design that did not exist in the Ω squad, we started with a design that was closer to the Ω squad’s design. We also incorporated an important idea of the α squad--cutting out material from the base of the bridge.

We used fillet function to round the corners of the triangles as we noticed that stress was collecting at the corners. Even though this increased our surface area slightly, we were pleased to notice that the better stress distribution it afforded decreased the deflection enough to give us an overall lower score.

The circles included in our final design were created because we had not used as many openings as we were allowed to have. We put them near the base because the stress analysis indicated that there was little stress in the area. We determined their size by trial and error, looking for a size that was small enough to not adversely affect the displacement score but large enough to reduce the surface area of the bridge.

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