Project 2, Team A4

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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score: 2.684 x 10^-6
  • Ω squad score:
  • Current best team score: 1.98 x 10^-7

Team members

Eric Burger

Frances Hunter

Marley Spector

Alan Zhao


  • α squad best design:


α squad thought that the strongest design would probably involve triangles. We started with a design of roughly equilateral triangles with the bottoms and tops alternating. We then decided that having all the triangles long and thin, with the pointed ends upwards, would probably distribute stress towards the restraints more effectively. These ideas, when implemented, resulted in a very high surface area. To mitigate the problem, we removed the sections between several of the triangles, making long, skinny parallelograms instead. Finally, we used the sketch fillet tool on most of the corners, to decrease the strain in those areas. We also experimented briefly with a second line of horizontal braces across the middle, but it increased the surface area too much and didn't reduce the displacement much. α squad's final design is shown above.

  • Best overall design:


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