Project 2, Team B1

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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score: 3.89 * 10 ^ -6
  • Ω squad score: 2.10 * 10 ^ -6
  • Current best team score: 1.9747 * 10 ^ -6

Team members

Dan Cabrera Matt Bowers Tony Blekicki Frank Chien David D'Annunzio


Design Process

We based our designs off of bridges we have seen. The general agreement was that cutting out triangles would create the strongest bridge. Our final team design came from playing around with different dimensions of the cut out triangles and seeing which combinations were the best. After achieving a good score, we decided to eliminate the corners from the triangles because stress builds up at the corners. We rounded out the inside points of our triangles, which further increased our score.


Looking back, we had a strong bridge design. However, our design was geared more towards having the force applied to the bottom of the bridge. Most bridges are not designed to have the weight directly on top, which was what this project was about. Since our bridge was designed around existing bridges, we didn't approach the problem in the best way possible.

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