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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score: 1.447 x 10^-6
  • Ω squad score:
  • Current best team score: 1.447 x 10^-6

Team members

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Dinh, John (α squad)

Edwards, Wesley (α squad)

Nolan, Jared (Ω squad)

Parasrampuria, Sonal (Ω squad)


α Squad

The α squad was comprised of John Dinh and Wesley Edwards. Our main goal was to create designs eliminating large chunks of material while still maintaining structural strength and minimal stress deflection. We came to the consensus that triangles were to be used as our primary shape for the design of the bridge because of the way weight is distributed in a triangle. Also, our experience and minimal knowledge of bridges revealed that we had some knowledge about triangles used in real life bridges.

Design Process of the α Squad

As we experimented with different designs for our bridge, we began to realize that we can take more material out as long as we do not thin out the side beams. We decided that the side beams distributed the stress out to the restraints. Also, we came to the conclusion that we needed something in the middle to support weight and to take off stress from the sides. As we fiddled around with these criteria in mind, we began to bring our score down with each design we went through. Eventually, we settled on our final design which ended up being the design for Team B2.

Bridge 1.jpg

This was our first design, we wanted to try something with an arch just to experiment with the shape. However, later we dedided against it.

Bridge 2.jpg

This next design, we got rid of the arch shape and decided to remove more material. It was a good design, but we felt that we could do better.

Bridge 3.jpg

We chose this design as our final design for the squad and eventually the team. It had a tested well and its score was lower than the scores of other groups.

Testing During Class

On Thursday, Oct. 2nd., foam cutouts of the bridge were brought in by Professor Cheever and the bridges were put under testing to see how much weight it could hold from the top. Team B2 held the most out of all of the bridges with 8.8 pounds.

Bridge 4.jpg

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