Project 2, Team C2

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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score: 2.204e-6
  • Ω squad score: 2.139e-6
  • Current best team score: 1.963e-6

Team members


Preliminary Research Notes

Early Attempts (Squad Alpha):

- Triangle System:

1 - Three triangles creating trusses to bottom-center with center vertical support - 3.381e-7*6.7in^2 = 2.265e-6

2 - Four-bay truss w. circular cutouts - 6.686e-7*4.98in^2 = 3.326e-6

- Circles:

1 - Large central circle with 6 circles surrounding - 4.05e-7 * 5.93in^2 = 2.401e-6

- Hexagons: Maybe?

Team Alpha's best combination

- Combinations:

1 - Three triangle cutouts with four circles - 3.290e-7*6.70in^2 = 2.204e-6

Early Attempts (Squad Omega):

Design 1 - 4.881e-6 * 3.6in^2 = 1.757e-5

Design 2 - 1.287e-6 * 5.1in^2 = 6.564e-6

Design 3 - 3.524e-7 * 6.07in^2 = 2.139e-6

Design 4 (illegal by challenge constraints) - 1.007e-7 * 11.2in^2 = 1.128e-6

Final Design

Our final design was the following:

C2's Final Design

Our score for this bridge was:

(2.989e-7 * 6.57in^2 = 1.963e-6)


For the final design, first we looked at the design of a real bridge online. Then we found that rounding the corners decreased the deflection. We also found that the circles by the "feet" of the bridge (near the restraints) had a negligible effect on the displacement of our bridge. In the final stages of optimization, we looked at the displacement map and added back material to support the weaker areas.

We took the overall design from Genny and Ari's preliminary work and used Julian and Philip's techniques for optimization - and the result was AWESOME!!!

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