Project 2, Team C2

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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score:
  • Ω squad score:
  • Current best team score:

Team members


Preliminary Research Notes

Early Attempts (Squad Alpha):

- Triangle System:

1 - Three triangles creating trusses to bottom-center with center vertical support

       (3.381e-7*6.7in^2 = 2.265e-6)

2 - Four-bay truss w. circular cutouts

       (6.686e-7*4.98in^2 = 3.326e-6)

- Circles:

1 - Large central circle with 6 circles surrounding

       (4.05e-7*5.93in^2 = 2.401e-6)

- Hexagons: Maybe?

- Combinations:

1 - Three triangle cutouts with four circles

        (3.290e-7*6.70in^2 = 2.204e-6)

Early Attempts (Squad Omega):

Final Design

Our final design looked something like this:

It was awesome. Our score for this bridge was:


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