Project 2, Team C3

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Synopsis of bridge scores

  • α squad score: = 2.859156e-5
  • Ω squad score: = 3.750486e-6
  • Current best team score:

Team members

   * Pollen, Travis (α squad)
   * Rutherford, Shari (α squad)
   * Stromme, Andrew (Ω squad)
   * Weinhold, Darren (Ω squad)


α Squad

Α squad.jpg

Thinking Process

We had a lot of preliminary designs and discussed some possible techniques for the bridge. At first, we had thought of tweaking the mickey mouse bridge, but since that design didn't go so well, we decided to work on an entirely new approach. Instead, we had concentrated most the material in the middle and the bottom of the bridge. This had produced a design that was both efficient and sturdy.

Design Process

We used an iterative design process where we would make a change based on an idea, retest the bridge, compare the old design with the new, and repeat. We also started with a few very different designs to look at which started off from the best position. We used some principles in our design such as avoiding sharp edges and not using excess material to support bad designs.

   * The wiki should discuss your design process - what general rules did you follow to try to optimize your design...  how did you develop these rules...  how did you reconcile the two designs from α squad and Ω squad... did anything work particularly well (or poorly)...?
   * Each team member should update their page so it has a link to the team page.
   * (optional) Include some intermediate designs to illustrate the evolution of the design.
   * The order above is not necessarily the best one.  Try to organize the page so that anybody in this class could follow it.

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