Robotic Arm: Team Alfalfa

From ENGR005 2008
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Team Alfalfa

   *  A link to each team member's wiki page.
   * An photograph of your arm (Ed Jaoudi (ejaoudi1, x8075, Hicks 313) can lend you a camera if you need one).
   * An image of the SolidWorks model of your arm.
   * Your SolidWorks files, zipped together (any parts and/or assemblies that you created).
   * Your MatLab code of the simulation, and verification that it worked by drawing the circle inscribed in a square (or whatever shape you chose).
   * Your MatLab code for the physical model
   * An image (photograph or scanned image) showing the circle inscribed in a square (or your own shape) as drawn by your device.