Robotic Arm: Team Roaring Bears

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Team members:

Team Roaring Bears' Robotic Arm

The Roaring Bears' Robotic Arm

The Roaring Bears constructed a fairly simple arm of total length 44 cm.

The Roaring Bears' Robotic Arm in SolidWorks

They modeled it in SolidWorks using mostly pre-drawn parts, with some additions included, such as the first servo bracket and the pencil holder.

Overall, it was highly successful. It was incredibly smooth-running, despite initial 'junkie' behaviour. However, a lingering problem is the arm's tendency to skew drawings - circles become eggplant-shaped, lines are curved, et cetera. A fix for this is in the works.

The Arm tries to draw a circle

The SolidWorks files for the Roaring Bears' Robotic Arm can be found here.

The MATLAB code that controlled the Bears' arm and simulated it can be found here.