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===Group Members===
===Group Members===
[[User:kbertau1 | Katherine Bertaut]]
*[[User:kbertau1 | Katherine Bertaut]]
[[User:abiele1 | Ames Bielenberg]]
*[[User:abiele1 | Ames Bielenberg]]

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For our final project we will be improving the hardware and controls for the robotic arm.

Group Members


Proposed Time Line

  • Allow the user to draw lines and free paths--Sunday 11/23
  • Add saving and opening of files containing lines and free paths--Tuesday 11/25
  • Write in code to allow the arm to draw what the user has designed--Friday 11/28 (will not be tested until we are back)
  • Add the ability to draw rectangles and other regular polygons--Saturday 11/29
  • Improve the rigidity of the arm using a bracket at the elbow and tighten all the joints--Sunday 11/30
  • Add in a brace that will allow the pen to be lifted clear of the paper--Monday 12/1
  • Test and debug code to allow the arm draw what the user has designed--Tuesday 12/2
  • Include curve drawing to the GUI and to paper--Friday 12/5
  • Implement circles and arcs as well--Sunday 12/7
  • Final testing--Monday 12/8

Current Status


Currently the arm has a solenoid to allow the pen to be lifted, however a brace that rolls across the paper is needed to reduce the vertical give in the arm so that the pen is lifted completely off of the paper. And although the shoulder has a bracket at the joint, the elbow does not.


For the project we will be using Processing, an open-source JAVA-based language designed specifically with graphics in mind. Currently our code stores data of line paths that the user draws and displays an arm on the screen.

Updates from Meetings

Friday 11/21

Today we started in a fresh file (we will be adding in functionality from the two previous files). We decided to store our data as a linked list per object, and wrote in code that allows us to do so. We then added in the ability to draw a line path to the screen (however right now only one line path can be drawn).

At the Start

Before the official start of the project we created two programs where we tested out the ideas we were thinking of implementing, not spending too much time on organization. The first of these programs allows the user to draw free lines and then ask the arm to trace on paper what has been drawn. SVG files of only short lines can be imported. The second of these allows the user to draw straight lines, circles, polygons, rectangles, and line paths to the screen. On the hardware side, our arm has a pen attached to a solenoid at the end, however this does not lift the pen up far enough to hold it clear of the paper--additional support for the arm is needed. Also, there is more wiggle in the arm that we would like.