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[[Image:IMG_1569.JPG | thumb| 400px | right]]
[[Image:IMG_1569.JPG | thumb| 400px | right | Robot Arm Deux]]
[[User:Esilver1 | Elan Silverblatt-Buser]]
[[User:Esilver1 | Elan Silverblatt-Buser]]
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==Original Design (picture)==
==Original Design (picture)==
[[Image:IMG_1533.JPG |400px]]
[[Image:IMG_1533.JPG |400px| Original Robotic Arm]]
==Project Description==
==Project Description==

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Robot Arm Deux

Elan Silverblatt-Buser

David D'Annunzio

Matt Bowers


  • Improve original robotic arm:
  • We will add three more motors.
  • Claw to replace pencil holder.
  • This will allow the robot arm to pick objects up (perhaps glasses of water) and pour them.
  • Waiters will become obsolete!

Original Design (picture)

Original Robotic Arm

Project Description

  • Disassemble original arm.
  • Attach three extra motors; five total.
  • Zero-Out each.
  • Test out the movements.
  • Find right coordinates for presentation.
  • Stabilize and refine the final product.


  • Construction:

- Stability. Keeping the arm level.

  • Programming:

- Calibrating five zero values. - Coordinating the motors to result in smooth motion.

Video Examples of Finished Arm

Link to Video: Robot Arm Demo

Link to Video: Robot Arm Gripper Demo

Link to Video: Robot Arm Joint 1 Demo

Link to Video: Robot Arm Joint 2 Demo

Link to Video: Robot Arm Vertical Joint Demo

Link to Video: Robot Arm Wrist Demo