Robotic Arm Deux

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  • Members

Elan Silverblatt-Buser

David D'Annunzio

Matt Bowers

IMG 1569.JPG


  • Improve original robotic arm:
We will add three more motors.
  • Claw to replace pencil holder.
This will allow the robot arm to pick objects up (perhaps glasses of water) and pour them.
Waiters will become obsolete! 

Original Design

Project Description

Disassemble original arm. Attach three extra motors; five total. Zero-Out each. Test out the movements. Find right coordinates for presentation. Stabilize and refine the final product.


Construction: - Stability. Keeping the arm level.

Programming: - Calibrating five zero values. - Coordinating the motors to result in smooth motion.

Video Examples

Link to Video: Robot Arm Demo