Roller Coaster Project

From ENGR005 2008
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Project Members

Marley Spector

Xavier Williams

Shari Rutherford

Daniel Cabrera

Project Motivation

Project Description

For our final project, we decided to design a basic loop roller coaster using SolidWorks. We first created a sketch of a basic clothiod loop, and used conservation of energy to determine what height we would need to start the rollercoaster at to ensure that the loop would cleared.



Circloid assembly1.jpg

Circloid attempt 1b.jpg

Helix attempt.jpg

Loop design3.jpg

Ramp attempt3a.jpg

Solid spiral.jpg


Loop design.jpg






11/17: We are going to sketch the roller coaster on paper and using the physics principle of conservation of energy, we will determine the various dimensions of the roller coaster

                    -height of the top of the roller coaster
                    -distance between the top and the beginning of the loop
                    -the height of the loop
                    -the radius of the circles that create the clothoid loop

11/24: We are going to begin sketching on SolidWorks

12/1: Finish designing the roller coaster on SolidWorks

12/8: Animate the roller coaster and work out any kinks to ensure "safety" of the the ride