Roller Coaster Project

From ENGR005 2008
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Project Members

Marley Spector

Xavier Williams

Shari Rutherford

Dan Cabrera

Project Motivation

Project Description

For our final project, we decided to design a basic loop roller coaster using SolidWorks. We first created a sketch of a basic clothiod loop, and used conservation of energy to determine what height we would need to start the rollercoaster at to ensure that the loop would cleared.

Loop design.jpg






11/17: We are going to sketch the roller coaster on paper and using the physics principle of conservation of energy, we will determine the various dimensions of the roller coaster

                    -height of the top of the rollercoaster
                    -distance between the top and the beginning of the loop
                    -the height of the loop
                    -the radius of the circles that create the circloid loop

11/24: We are going to begin sketching on SolidWorks

12/1: Finish designing the roller coaster on SolidWorks

12/8: Animate the rolller coaster and work out any kinks to ensure "safety" of the the ride