Rubik's Cube

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Rubik's Cube Project


Toby Heavenrich

Pierre Dyer

The Project


The origins of our project are quite simple really. For our topic we wanted to do something where we designed an object. Neither of us wanted to work with MatLab and instead preferred SolidWorks. We brainstormed ideas of things that we could design that were challenging in both physical creation and in range of motion, but still within our skills set and thus doable with our knowledge of the program. Our first ideas included a model cellphone, perhaps a dual sliding model similar to a Pantech Duo, a four legged motion mechanism, a dog for instance, or a functioning rubik's cube. Like most engineers the two of us did not know what the inside of a rubik's cube looks like. How do the sides turn in multiple directions without the pieces coming apart? Was there a magnet of some sort? ...

... Prompted by such inquiries we began to research the workings of this mysteriously simple yet tricky toy. As any member of our technologic generation would do, we jumped onto the internet to dig up some pictures and descriptions. With our necessary data in hand we