Servo Vehicle

From ENGR005 2008
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Members of group

Andrew Stromme

Darren Weinhold


We undertook this project to learn more about hacking servos and using matlab to control servo motors.


We created a servo vehicle using two hacked servo motors that could be controlled using potentiometers ("pot box") to control the speed and direction of each servo. We accomplished this by converting the inputs of the potentiometers to strings that we sent to the servos. By doing this the car will respond to the movement of the potentiometer knobs.

Along the way we encountered a number of difficulties in both the construction of our vehicle and the programming required to convert the analog inputs into the desired strings. For instance, we neglected to order wheels and were forced to improvise for our deficiency. The other main difficulties were in hacking the servo, and in programming.

Time Line

First week: hack servo and start wiki

Second week: make cart, begin programming and prepare for presentation

Third week: finish programming, and present oral report

Unfortunately, we ran behind on our time line because of pre Thanksgiving homework. As a result our first week's goals were pushed to the second week, forcing our third week to contain both the second and third weeks' goals.