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Team New Dorm

This is the Team New Dorm page. Team New Dorm is the best.

Team members

Genny, David, Yewande, Halleh, Will, Zach

Brainstorming Ideas

  1. Increase surface area
  2. Construction; materials light
  3. Helicopter, propeller
  4. Cut ball (falling leaf effect)
  5. Crazy parachute (possibly with 3 layers: ball, triangle thing with paper bag, then trash bag)
  6. Triangle kite thing with paper bag and sticks or tape (cut hole, have garbage bag able to trap air)
  7. Look online
  8. Avoid sticks
  9. Cut ball into crums, put them inside the trash bag

Final Design and Construction

We chose our final design by combining a few of our ideas from brainstorming. We combined the "cutting ball" idea, the "crazy parachute" idea, and the "triangle kite" idea. We all agreed that a combination of these three ideas would provide the best result and most efficient result.

We cut the three sticks in approximately equal length, and then taped them together in the shape of a triangle with the electrical tape. We then cut out an equal size triangle shape from the trash bag, cut a hole in the middle, and taped it tightly to the sticks. When then made three equal length strips of tape by cutting out equal lengths and then folding them in half, so we could tie them to our tennis ball in later steps. After that, we cut out a triangle-ish shape of the trash bag to tape as air-tight as possible to our triangle shape. We then cut a medium sized hole in the tennis ball, to capture even more air, as well as a small hole on top of the tennis ball to secure the electrical tape strips inside the ball. We tied the ends of the tape to the corners of our triangle-parachute, and we were finished. Later, we tested it off the 3rd floor of Alice Paul.

Our final drop time was 4.37 seconds.


We might have changed some of our construction processes, so in the end we could have had more trash bag left for the parachute attached to the triangle shape. Also, we might have considered cutting the tennis ball more, so we could capture the "falling leaf" aspect we had in mind.


Will be on wiki on Tuesday. Sorry for the tardiness.

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