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We sat in a circle discussing our materials and what we could do with them to be both creative and effective. We debated different possibilities, and everyone suggested any ideas that came to mind. Travis recorded the ideas as they came up. As we discussed, we eventually came to a general consensus about our plan.


Here are the possibilities that we discussed:

Create a flat surface with greatest possible surface area

Make it spin

Cut dowel rods and tennis ball (into pieces)

Cut ball and stick paper clip in to use as a fish hook

Cut rods and tape them together to make more than three

Wings 0 cut bag on seams at an angle

Place ball in bag

Remove drawstring and use it for something else, stretch bag

Impale ball and stick rods in

Choosing final design

Final drop time

Our final drop time was 3.91 seconds.

Team members

Daniel Cabrera

Ozan Erturk

Jonathan Martin

Travis Pollen

David Saltzman

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