Tomato Slicer

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Group Members

Motivation- Tony really likes tomatoes, but he’s too lazy to cut them. He’d rather give a knife, a lethal weapon, to a robot to do it for him.

Description of the project- The tomato slicer will use two servo motors. One will control the arm and the other will rotate the tomato. Each time the tomato is sliced it is rotated by the second servo and then the process is repeated again.

The software will be done on MATLAB. Timeline- • Build the system by November 18th • Write the code by December 4th • Start on wiki by December 4th • Work out the kinks by December 9th to present • Finish the wiki by December 10th Equipment Required- • Many tomatoes • 2 servo motors • 1 knife • Saran wrap to keep the tomato juices from going into the motor and destroying it