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John Dinh's Engineering 005 wiki

About Me

I am a freshman attending Swarthmore College. I am taking a course on Privacy and Trust in the Digital Age, so therefore this is all the information I am willing to divulge about me.


Ball Drop

You can read more about it here.

Solidworks Part Design

In the second week of class, I created a simple design on Solidworks. Solidworks is a program used to design parts and assemblies digitally. Sometimes, I believe that this program is not as intuitive as it should be. However, I just remind myself that a computer is only as smart as the person who is using it. Due to this, a small part of me perishes.

For this project, I wanted to create a nice Legos part. Notice that the word 'Legos' still contains an 'S,' this is because the singular and plural forms are the same. As an engineer, many ethical aspects have to be taken into respect. This Legos part was intended for small children whose imagination may cause them to eat parts. Therefore, the design was created on a 3in x 3in block. I also did not add the word Legos to it because I was afraid that I might infringe on copyright laws. So for the rest of this write up, I will call them Blegos. I colored it red because red makes things seem fast, even though this is a rectangular prism block. Which is possibly the worst shape for aerodynamics. With these many things taken into consideration, the 'Really Red Blegos Block' was born.


Engineering at Swarthmore

DinhEngr.gif Information on Engineering at Swat

Contact Me

You can easily use this tool called the internet to email me.