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Katherine Bertaut is a freshman at Swarthmore College who is interested in perusing a major in Engineering and/or Computer Science. She is proud to be the Team Mommy of the Blair Robot Project, her high school's FIRST Robotics Team.

If you would like to contact her, find her in her dorm room (on the 3rd floor of Wharton EF) or email her.


Tennis Ball Drop

For the tennis ball project, Katherine is in the second Wharton group.

Soldidworks Projects

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As the Blair Robot Project's team logo is the Flaming Wrenchman, she designed one in Solidworks to be milled out of pink foam. This Wrenchman lacks flames as adding them in Solidworks would be overly complicated.

She is in Project 2, Team A1 for the bridge design project.

She is in Team A3 for the assemblies project.

MatLab Projects

And she is in School Bus Team for the Robotic Arm project.

Final Project

Katherine is in Robotic Arm 2.0 for the Final Project.