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[[Image:Sideteametc2.JPG|300px]]Ball Drop Project 1:[[Team etc...]]
[[Image:Sideteametc2.JPG|300px]] Ball Drop Project 1:[[Team etc...]]
[[Image:Jgoff1.jpg|300px]]SolidWorks part Project 2:[[Media:Tad.SLDPRT.zip|SolidWork part]]
[[Image:Jgoff1.jpg|300px]] SolidWorks part Project 2:[[Media:Tad.SLDPRT.zip|SolidWork part]]
[[Image:UBRIDGE.jpg|300px]]Bridge section Project 3:[[Project 2, Team A2]]
[[Image:UBRIDGE.jpg|300px]] Bridge section Project 3:[[Project 2, Team A2]]
Oil Derrick Project 4:[[Mechanisms#Team_A4:|Team_A4]]
Oil Derrick Project 4:[[Mechanisms#Team_A4:|Team_A4]]
*[[Media:derrickA4.avi|Derrick in Action]]
*[[Media:Team_A4.zip|SolidWorks Files]]
*[[Media:Team_A4.zip|SolidWorks Files]]

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This is the user page for Tad Goff

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Sideteametc2.JPG Ball Drop Project 1:Team etc...

Jgoff1.jpg SolidWorks part Project 2:SolidWork part

UBRIDGE.jpg Bridge section Project 3:Project 2, Team A2

Oil Derrick Project 4:Team_A4

A-November Arm.jpgRobot Arm Project 5: Robotic Arm: Team A-November

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