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This page documents the final projects for the E5 class of 2009. Projects are listed below.

Due Dates

  • Thursday 11/12 - Project ideas due in lab
  • Thursday 11/12 - Project idea and team members must be on wiki (use example for Team Generic as a template).
  • Tuesday 11/17 - Project proposal must be up on wiki. This includes (at least):
    • Motivation for project
    • Description of project including block diagram with major components (software and/or hardware)
    • Explicit time line for completion of tasks
    • Any equipment required
  • Sunday 12/6 - Practice oral project presentation for Professor Cheever (schedule TBD).
  • Tuesday 12/8 - Oral project presentation for class (schedule TBD).
  • Thursday 12/10 - Project report on wiki is due.


Team Generic Final Project

MatLab Minsweeper

Team Birthday Cake

Team MATLAB and Music

Team Robot Arm

Team Robo-Bartender

Team RacecarracecaR

Team Bam Bam

Team Rubik

Team Majorly Legit

Team Wind Turbine

Team Remote Laser Pointer


Team Zombies!

Team Caneveral