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Our project is to design a very simplistic car on Solidworks. We are going to print four wheels, two axles, and a body for the car. We plan on then attaching it to two servo motors that will receive instruction from Matlab just as we did in the Robot Arm project, to run the car to preform simple tasks such as moving forward and backward. The servo motors have angle restrictions built into them, so one of the challenges of this project will be to solder the restrictions off of the motors so that the wheel will have a full range of motion and be able to move forward and backward farther than the available range of motion that the servo motors provide as is. Because the servo motors are not meant to be used like this, when we write the Matlab code we are going to have to tell the motor to get to a point just beyond the restriction so that the motor will constantly be trying to get to that point, thus rotating the wheel forward or backward.

Other challenges we are going to face is finding the right size for the car. The wheels needs to be the right size to support the motors and be able to fit an axle, however small enough to be reasonable to print. The body needs to be big enough to support the motors weight and not fall backward while still fitting in the restraint of a reasonable print size.