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*Project Report:  
*Project Report:  
* Oral Presentation lab section: B
* Oral Presentation lab section: B
===Team Phoenix Chavez===
* Team Members: [[User: Aguarin1| Ascanio Guarini]], [[User: Ggariba1 | Gustavo Garibay]]
* Team project proposal:
*Project Report:
*Oral Presentation Lab Section: C

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This page contains links to the final projects for the course.

Template for teams

Use the following lines as a template and copy and paste them below in the "List of Projects" section. Fill in template with your information. Do not alter this original text, only your copy.

Team ?Name? (Don't change this template. Copy it and paste it below in "List of Projects" section.)

  • Team Members: ?Add team members and links to wiki pages?
  • Project proposal: ?Add link to proposal - due before project starts?
  • Project report: ?Add link to project report - due at end of semester?
  • Oral presentation lab section: Choose Section A (8:30-9:45), Section B (9:55-11:10), Section C (11:20-12:35) on Dec. 11.

List of projects


Team Victorious Secret

Team Teo

Team Kurtis

Team Spencer Friske

Team Kathy

Team Rocket

Team M.E.D.S

Team Action Potential

Team Casino

Team Clock 'em Sock 'em

Team Phoenix Chavez