Final Project Written Report Clock Em Sock Em

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Final Clock Em Sock Em Written Report


Clock em’ Sock em’

Group Members:

Erin Gluck, Daniel Redelmeier, and Lucas Chen


For our project we decided to design and build a mechanical analog clock. We chose this project because we wanted to build something and become more familiar with the designing process that is used in the real world. We wanted to design a unique clock and since most clocks have each hand on the same plane, our clock is unique because it has three separate gears where you can see each individual hand moving. We also wanted to become more familiar with Solidworks, which we were able to do through this project.

Background/ Theory:

Important Formulas: v1 = -v2, w1r1 = -w2r2, W engine = 1rpm, W second = W engine, W minute = 1/60Wsecond = 1/60rpm, W hours = Wminute/12 = 1/720rpm.

Completed Project Design:

Our completed solids works design Clock model 1.PNG final solidworks design, with the one exception that the gear that is solid actually had holes in it.


Our project was successful and worked well. We did encounter one error with measurements that we eventually realized and reprinted gears for. Here is how the final project turned out Final.png

Discussion/ Conclusion:

This project took numerous steps to complete. We first had to come up with the proper measurements for the gears as well as an over all design idea for the clock. Our first design had a gear with radius 1 attached to a large gear with radius 12. Then another gear with a radius of 1 attached to a gear with radius 5. Finally a gear with radius three attached to a gear with radius four. This kept the ratios for the second minute and hour hands accurate. We had to redesign because there was nothing to support the gear with a radius of 5. So we can up with a very similar design but now every gear was supported by the metal rods. When designing the teeth the main thing we had to keep in mind was making sure the radius of the indented teeth was equal to the radius of the teeth that stuck out. Finally building the hands was difficult but we managed to design the three hands of the clock by having a cylinder stick horizontally our of another cylinder that’s on top of a gear. After we finished designing everything we printed the pieces and had to soak them to get rid of some excess materiel. In conclusion our clock is very unique and we are proud of our E5 project.