Matlab Blackjack Proposal

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Our goal for the FinalProject is to create a program with Matlab to simulate the casino game, Blackjack. The player will play against the computer who will be the dealer. Random cards will be dealt out and the user will have to put in input such as "hit" or "stand". Each card is worth a certain value, with numbers being worth their value, jacks through kings being 10, and aces being 1 or 11. The winner of each bet is the person who is closer to 21 without going over that amount. If the user wins, the player wins back twice what was betted. If the dealer wins, the user loses what was betted. In the event of a tie, the user receives the bet back. The game will continue until the user runs out of money or chooses to quit.

Supplies needed: Matlab

More on Blackjack rules here.