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Directions for the lab are available at Lab 4


Team Aα:

Isaac Dulin

Maxwell Sacks

Theo Noomah

Team Aβ:

Team Aγ:

  • Links to team members:

User:Pmaguir1 User:Aearly1 User:Krobins2

  • Mechanism title: Drafting Mechanism
  • Link to image:


  • Link to animation:


  • Zip File

Team Aδ:

  • Links to team members: complete
  • Mechanism title: complete
  • Link to image: complete
  • Link to animation: complete

Team Aε:


Team Bα:

Team Bβ:

  • Links to team members:

Olivia Ortiz Cappy Pitts Helen Thum

  • Mechanism title: The Mapper of Planets
  • Link to image: SquareAssembly.JPG
  • Link to animation: Animation
  • Link to zip file of parts Parts

Team Bγ:

  • Links to team members:

Erin Gluck Daniel Redelmeier Raundi Quevedo

  • Mechanism title: The Bible Revisited (Jesus Lizard)
  • Link to image:

Team By Jesus Lizard.JPG

Team Bδ:

  • Links to team members:

User:Lrigell1 User:Kbledso1 User:Calto1 User:Tgelis1

  • Mechanism title: Scottish Yokel
  • Link to image:


  • Link to animation:


  • Zip File


Team Cα:

Team Cβ:

1 rotation 2 stroke.JPG

Team Cγ:


Team Cδ:


Mechanism title: Rotating Slider

Link to image: Rotating slider cdelta.JPG

Link to animation: File:Rotating slider cdelta.avi

Link to Zipfile: