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Team Victorious Secret Project Proposal

  • The aim of this project is to reconstruct a butterfly knife trainer from scratch in Solidworks and then using the 3D printer to make a physical version of the Solidworks file. Like the Solidworks group projects which we finished a couple weeks ago, this project will be an assembly of Solidworks parts. A butterfly knife is a type of folding knife that has two rotating handles on either side of the blade that fold over the blade when it is "sheathed" and can be secured by a latch, making the blade safely and easily portable. Additionally, the user can "flip" open the knife by maneuvering the two rotating handles in such a way that both handles are out behind the blade, giving the user one handle with which he/she can practically utilize the knife whether it be for combat or cutting open a bag of raisins. A picture of the object I intend to create and a demonstration on how a butterfly knife works can be found below.

  • Materials: Besides the Solidworks program and the 3D printer materials, there is only one outside item I will be using to help me with my project and that is a aluminum copy of the butterfly trainer I will use to measure the approximate sizes of the individual parts.

[Butterfly Knife Demo]